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What's your fishing worth to you?

A weekend on a habitat improvement project? A few letters to your elected representatives? The dedication of time to your local chapter of Trout Unlimited?

Where we've been

Since it's inception in 1991, the Sagebrush Chapter has been a strong voice for coldwater fisheries conservation in northwestern Nevada. Supporting recovery efforts of Nevada's state fish, the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, collaborating with other community organizations to craft a river-friendly flood plan for the Truckee River, lobbying for fish-friendly wildlife management across the state, and advocating against harmful hyrdoelectric projects in Nevada, upstream on the Truckee, and nationwide, are just some of the strides we've made over the years.

Where we are

Today, our long-term commitment to projects and issues effecting the health of our coldwater fisheries and their watersheds continue. Individual members actively participate in a variety of processes. But as a chapter, we need your help.

What we need

First of all, we need your input. What would you like to see your chapter do? Fishing events? Meeting topics? Projects?

Second, we need your committment. Would you be willing to put in an hour or two to help the chapter each month? Do you have a skill/talent you'd like to share?


In short, we'd like to hear your vision for the chapter. And... we'd like to have your assistance making all of our visions for the chapter become reality. Send us an e-mail at

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Date posted: 4/13/02